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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Winter Budget Sheet for UConn Winter in Martinique (Faculty-led).

Winter Budget Sheet for UConn Winter in Martinique (Faculty-led)
Budget Item UConn
Study Abroad Fee (Winter) *   $475.00
Technology Fee (Winter) *   $30.00
Program Fees *   $1,975.00
Winter Enrollment Fee * $45.00
Room *   $1,445.00
CISI International Insurance (2 weeks) *   $25.00
Billable subtotal:  $3,995.00
Total: $3,995.00
Items marked with an asterisk (*) are billable and will appear on your UConn fee bill.

The billable items above are only estimates and are subject to change. UConn Education Abroad reserves the right to adjust prices at any time.

Breakfast is included with the room charge. Students should plan on spending around 30 Euros a day on additional meals (lunch and dinner). Other incidental expenses should be factored in, as well.

Non-billable items could vary depending upon currency exchange rates and individual spending habits. Please consult this currency converter.
* Billable item